New Video for Debonaire Exotic Animals

This video has been produced for Debonaire Exotic Animal Encounters. The animal involved is a new member of their extended ‘family’ and is a Thick-tailed BushBaby. The original footage was provided by DEAE and Reality Designs then created the editing, titling, backing music and overdubbing. This video will form part of the marketing campaign for DEAE. The catchment area for their service is primarily the North-East area identified on their website …by the way the website was also constructed by Reality Designs.


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I Hate Waste!

I shot, produced & featured in :) this  video to help with the promotion of the DIY Solar Energy site being setup by Red Rocket Marketing.

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DIY Solar Panel

For this client we shot a number of videos, all using ‘green screen’ to enable a different background to be used and to allow some of the effects to added in post production editing.

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Sales Page Promo Video

We produced two short promo videos for this client which are to form a key part of a product sales page.

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ID Theft Story

This is Josh’s Story about Identity Theft

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