Local Market Premium Plus+ Package

You can start right now – to build a Strong Local Market presence and we can show you how! With our flexible approach designed for successful video marketing on a budget.

Why not ‘up the ante’ and go all out for our Special Discount Deal. *15% Discount available exclusively to our Local Market Premium Plus+ Package customers for a limited time only.

Reality Designs – Local Market Premium Plus+ Package which has been designed exclusively to give you more control:

  • Our ‘5 Step’s to Success with Video’ section makes it easy to understand the process.
  • A video shoot to give you a single 120 second informative video for placement onto your website or blog site.
  • Additional half day sessions to shoot the additional 11 marketing videos – schedule to be agreed.
  • Or start a video marketing campaign with twelve 120 second videos (Minimum 12 month’s contract).
  • Or a ‘Combo’ of both a website video and an additional eleven 120 second marketing videos (Minimum 12 month’s contract).
  • First Class customer service throughout the process is what we promise and what we will deliver! From first contact, to your finished video and release to the internet, your potential clients and customers.

The Premium Plus+ Package will help to pull in even more business leads, clients and sales. Our primary aim will again be to achieve this wherever possible with a lower annual marketing spend than you are probably used to with press adverts, Yellow pages and magazine advertising while still producing a better return with results that you can see on your bottom line!

The results will be strong on value for money as we are all keen to see a strong return on your investment (ROI).

Choose Video 

The results of the ‘Local Market Premium Plus Package’ will be longer lasting.  A single newspaper advert will probably be 3 feet down in the local landfill while your marketing video will still be out there selling. Think of a video as being a stone dropped in a pond causing ripples in the water – the video ripples will continue spreading out gathering more views as it goes.

 The specific details of the distribution system that we use to take each of your video to the market are shown here >> Click Here <<

Specification – Local Market Premium Plus + Package.

  • Half a day’s filming on site within the *local region.
  • Production of a single video – 120 seconds in length, covering your agreed requirements.
  • Additional half day sessions to shoot the additional 11 marketing videos – schedule to be agreed.
  • Final editing and production of each of the 12 videos.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) for the marketing videos.
  • Search engine and website directory submissions using our ‘secret indexing software’.
  • Full back-up of production video(s) onto DVD(s) for your peace of mind.

*The local region will be within a 40 mile radius of Billingham, Cleveland.

Pricing for the Local Market Premium Plus+ Package:

Why not ‘up the ante’ and go all out for our Limited Time Special Discount Deal?  We are offering you a generous saving of *15% Discount.

* Only available for a limited time and you sign up for a 12 months contract

A single initial website/blog site video £267

Plus £49 per month for 11 additional videos = £539

Initial video £267 + £539 = Total – £806

Your 15% Discount Deal Total £685.10