Local Market Domination Package

You can start to DOMINATE your Local Market right now! – We can show you how! Our unique ‘Domination Formula’ is designed for successful video marketing on a slightly larger budget. than our Premium Packages.

 A Major Part

This package has been specifically designed for Massive and Immediate exposure and distribution.  A major part of our Local Market Ultimate Domination Formula package is purposely designed to help you to pull in masses of business – leads, clients and sales. We aim to achieve this wherever possible with a lower overall marketing spend than you are probably used to, while still producing a better return with results that you can see on your bottom line!

Choose Video  

The results of the ‘Local Market Domination Formula’ will be longer lasting.  A single newspaper advert will probably be 3 feet down in the local landfill while your marketing video will still be out there selling. Think of a video as being a stone dropped in a pond causing ripples in the water – the video ripples will continue spreading out gathering more views as it goes.

The ‘Local Market Domination Formula’

The ‘Domination Formula’ based upon the use of Video Marketing, but the ‘Secret Sauce’ that gets you dominating your local market online is a complex technical method of distribution through the ‘Reality Design Marketing Multiplier’ system.  Using your own website (or just a simple website) we will aim to rapidly propel that site towards Page 1 on Google.  Great if you have an established website already, not a huge problem if you don’t because we can assist there too.

The ‘Reality Design Marketing Multiplier’ system will take each custom video that we produce for you and:

  1. Produce four variants of that same video, released at slightly different intervals – suddenly your 10 videos become an awesome force of 40 videos.
  2. Distribute those videos to a select group of about 30 of the best video websites.
  3. Distribute the audio from those videos to a select group of the best Pod-Casting sites on the web.
  4. Distribute links about your videos to a select group of the best Social Media sites.
  5. By the time the ‘RD Market Multiplier’ system has finished with your video series it will have upwards of 2,800 outbound objects related directly to your website.

The full specification of this offer.

  • 1 Full day’s filming on site within the *local region.
  • Production of 10 videos each of 90 to 120 seconds in length covering the customer driven FAQ’s:
    • 5 based upon the straightforward FAQ’s.
    • 5 more based upon the FAQ’s your customers really should be asking, but simply don’t know they should be asking!
    • Assistance with the formulation of those all important 5 FAQ’s and the other 5 less obvious FAQ’s.  This process will be completed before any filming takes place, to allow for scripting, staging or whatever to gain the greatest advantage.
    • Production of 4 additional videos to include:
      • Short informational video to prompt potential clients to sign up to your FREE series of FAQ answers (usually added to the end of all marketing video productions).
      • Squeeze page to capture potential clients name and email address.
      • ‘Buy my stuff’ to explain the excellent benefits of your product or service offer – your ‘sales pitch’ if you want to call it that, but without the direct sell aspect.
      • Thank you page video where your new client or customer a personal thanks’ for buying you product or services.
      • Final editing and production of each video.
      • Installation of your Squeeze page, ‘Buy my stuff’ and Thank you videos onto your website where required.
      • Full back-up of all production videos onto DVD(s) for your peace of mind.
      • Search engine optimisation (SEO) for the marketing videos, as well as search engine and website directory submissions.
      • First Class customer service throughout the process is what we promise and what we will deliver! From first contact, to your finished video and release to the internet, your potential clients and customers.

Pricing – Local Market Ultimate Domination Formula:

Option 1

A single payment – £967 – Full 6 months contract.

Total £967 Including the 17% Discount.

Option 2

Initial payment – £600 plus five monthly payments of £113.40 – Full 6 months contract.

Total £1,167