Why Video?

Remember the age old saying “A picture paints a thousand words”. Well video totally explodes that concept.
 Imagine a promotional video message of your business being recorded at a quite normal 25 frames (that’s pictures) every second.  So a two minute video sequence has 3,000 images of you and your business telling your story and promoting your sales message in glorious colour.  Even more thrilling is the concept of adding sound as well – music and words to make that all important emotional connection with your potential or existing clients and customers, that’s something  no single picture could ever hope to achieve. 

Video and sound will connect you, your services or products with your audience on that all important emotional level where people – your potential or existing clients and customers – will be motivated to take positive action, increasing your enquiries and sales.

Unlike traditional print media advertising your video message will live on day after day, month after month maybe for years to come – telling your story long after that local newspaper or magazine Ad that you placed has been buried 3 feet down in the local land fill.

The stupendous growth of the internet over the last couple of years as well as the unprecedented number of hand held devices, net books, smart phones and laptops allows you the ultimate platform to tell those potential clients and customers who you are and what you can do for them.

  • Expect more than 50% of viewers take action after watching your video.
  • 30% of viewers will visit your store.
  • The number of clicks for information within your website increase by 30% to 40%
  • Phone enquiries to your business increase by 16% to 20%

We at Reality-Designs will offer you a very personal service with a tailor made solution to match your all important criteria: Cost, Return on Investment, Market reach and How quick can I make it work for me?

Question :  How much will all this cost me?
Answer:   We have a range of products and services that are very reasonable and affordable when compared to your traditional advertising spend.

Question :  What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect for my advertising spend?
Answer:   Considering that traditional weekly advertising spend resulting in a single monthly advert in your local newspaper.  For the same level of spend you could build up a wave of advertising that will grow and grow as each month passes, gradually dominating your local market.

Question :  What will my market reach be like – who will see my message?
Answer:   Considering that your video message will be processed through our ‘Marketing Multiplier’ spreading your message strongly in your local region and your local market as well as nationally. Let’s just say that no stone remains unturned.

Question :  What if I want the ultimate results and aim for maximum exposure on page 1 of Google for my key search term?
Answer:   You will need to sign up for our ‘Local Business Domination Formula’ package which will deliver serious traffic to your website by elevating your website and message very quickly to a page 1 ranking.