Google Places are Key

Dominate your Local Mobile Market.

Google Places Pages is totally ‘Key’ to Your Local Success

We start by claiming your Local Places from Google. This is the page where you can tell your customers all about your business – where you are, what you can offer them, when you are open for business and a whole plethora of other information that will make your business really stand out from the crowd.

Your business has to be found by your customers or you don’t have a business! Harsh words but true I’m sure you will agree. Google Places Pages if handled properly will make it easy for you to have your business Absolutely Dominate for your market using your search terms. You will be found, but you will also be found first.

Example: If you are a Travel Agent in Cambridge. Your potential customers will be searching for ‘Travel Agents in Cambridge’, Cambridge Travel Agents’, Travel Agent Cambridge’ and so on. You will need to be at the top of the results for those search terms for you to dominate your local market with the potential to reach more of your customers and make more money.

Do you know everything about Google Places Pages?

YES? – That’s great, but I’m pretty sure we can still help you to make 1st Place on Page #1 of Google Search if you’re not there already.

NO? – Then we can really help you to take Maximum Advantage of the Tremendous Opportunity available right now – 1st Place on Page #1 of Google Search is the name of the game.

Why Google and why 1st place on page #1?

  • Simply put – Google is the 800lb Gorilla of the search engines.
  • 1st Place on page #1 always takes the Lion’s share of the search traffic – 41% on average.