Why Local Mobile Marketing

Are you Fed Up just ‘Hanging Around’ waiting for Customers?

Hanging HamsterWhat is Local and Mobile Marketing?

You already know the customer is the life’s blood of your business. So how do you keep a strong flow of this life’s blood into your business to keep it fit and well? Well we can help you to jump the queue to the top position on Page 1 of the Local Places search listings of the Top 3 internet search engines –

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*Note: Did you know that it’s claimed that at least 41% of people searching on the internet for a particular search term, keyword, phrase or business type will simply ‘Click’ on the top result on Page 1 of Google’s search engine? So you can see that it’s pretty important to secure that top position – wouldn’t you agree? (Fig 1: shows an example of a search result as I’ve described).

Fig. 1
google logo

Our first step on your behalf will be to claim your business Local Places page and then we set to work completing the setup and support structures to the Max. To simply say we will complete a 100% claim is a dramatic understatement because it doesn’t amount to just filling in the blank spaces on a form. It’s all about the Success Cake…

The Success Cake.

Just like any good cake there’s an art to mixing a handful of ingredients together to make a cake that your customers can’t resist. With Local Places Marketing there is a certain recipe that needs to be followed in order to have your Success Cake and eat it! Aptly enough the simple ‘pie chart’ shown in Fig 2 clearly displays how many ingredients are necessary to be successful with Local Marketing.

Fig. 2
google places pie chart

The Icing on the Cake.

Just like the very best cakes, there’s always icing! You can add it to make your cake more successful.

Imagine that your business advertising on the internet through –

google logo google logo google logo

is very much like entering a cake baking contest. If you want to win and collect the biggest prize, you have to add enough icing without making your cake unnecessarily expensive. A simple way to do this will be to add the best icing that you can afford, but only when you know how strong your competition is.

You may not need to pay for all the extras (the Icing on the Cake) unless your market is highly competitive. Only add the extras at such times as your competition gets tougher and you want to stay ahead of the game.


Mobile Marketing – Feed Your Customers Mobile Phone.

Why would we suggest that you need to be getting involved in Mobile Phone Marketing? That should include all smart phones too. The answer is simple…

 MOBILE MARKETING is the NEXT BIG THING and it’s already happening in a BIG WAY.

 Did You Know?

  1. 50% of Google’s local internet search traffic comes from Mobile Phones according to Google. That’s people looking for businesses like yours using either a mobile phone, smart phone or other mobile device like the latest hand held Tablet computers.
  2. 20% of ALL internet search traffic is place related also according to Google.
  3. 1.8 Billion PC Internet users, 5 Billion mobile phones of which *69.5 million are smart phone users (*January 2011 according to The Nielson Company). The number of smart phone users is literally exploding!
  4. $19 Billion Smart Phone advertising spend forecast for 2012 an increase of 400% from $3 Billion in 2009.
  5. Text Messaging has a 95% almost instant open rate compared with email open rates which are often below 20% and have a much longer response time.
  6. Google’s next big frontier is mobileaccording to the CEO of Google.
  7. Advertising competition is still very low on mobile phone, smart phone or other mobile devices.

So what has this to do with you?

The name of the game is to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) – that’s your investment, your money. Local Advertising done smart with the addition of Mobile Marketing is the easiest way to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead of them.

Remember that 41% of people searching on 

google logo google logo google logo

that I mentioned?

Local and Mobile Marketing is very targeted and can offer you a very good Return on Investment (ROI) when compared to the falling effectiveness of other forms of advertising – newspapers, magazines, radio etc.