Pete Bumstead

Very formal ... !

Hi … 

          …my name is Pete Bumstead. 

I have formed an online business called Reality Designs …you may already have had the dubious pleasure of my company on some of the videos we are publishing about identity theft and protecting yourself whilst online… or you may have visited our DIY Green Energy blog or the DIY Solar and Wind Energy review site. Anothet video introduction to green energy is available here or you could visit our Reality Designs channel on YouTube.  

Marketing on the internet

Just a short bio to tell you so you’ll get on an idea who I am.

I’m 54 (sorry 55 now!) and I also left school at age 15 with no qualifications as I had always known that I would join the army… this I did and spent three years studying at a military college learning a trade in electronics.  

I then went on to serve a further three years including time in N. Ireland and a glorious year in Cyprus… and loved every minute (well, nearly …. the hangovers were a bit of a nightmare!)  

I came out and joined the civvie street ‘rat race’! I have spent the rest of my career working my way through the manufacturing industry ranks to achieve Production Director & Ops Director status in two or three major companies… with the cars and salary etc… that’s all well and good but longer hours, harder work and constantly more pressure.  

I have also had a few ‘stabs’ at doing my own thing, including an online shop… the competition is equally as fierce as on the high street!  

I’ve always had an interest in IT since the days of the Sinclair ZX81 & Spectrum (does anyone

Very Informal ... !

 remember  them?)… I bought my first PC in 1983… £5k for an IBM 8086, green screen, 640kb of RAM and a 10Mb hard-drive … and you trying telling the youngsters these days…!!!  

Ever since I have been involved in driving IT in business and using computers at home for teaching myself  as much as I can learn and for a bit of game playing …I enjoy FPS, particularly Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and flight sims (FSX is brilliant!)!! 

I’ve spent some time ‘playing’ with websites, SEO, video and some article writing and started to realise that there is a real opportunity for small, local businesses to market themselves using a combination of traditional keyword SEO and video … so I’ve spent some time researching and planning and this is the result… we’re here and here to stay… we look forward to helping your business.

Welcome to Reality Designs!