OK …so a little about this site …the why’s & wherefores!

Go into the pages that the site owners have written to see a little about each of us, with a bit about Reality Designs; the company we have started to bring this into being.

Reality Designs has come about for several reasons.

Firstly, Pete has been involved in IT both directly and indirectly (by that I mean as a manager or director with responsibility for the IT Dept. in larger company’s) for more years than he cares to remember. There are a lot of IT & Internet providers who will just give you advice that is plain wrong or are very quick to build a site for you and then take your eye’s out when you ask for additional work! Pete has seen first-hand how many companies will just take the money and run … leaving you with a problem and no solution!

Secondly, it is quite easy for people with a little knowledge in IT to baffle those with even less. Ignorance of a subject just means you don’t know much about it. We will not try to baffle you; we will give you advice and options. YOU decide what is the best route for you and your comapny. If we do not have knowledge on a particular subject we will say so and seek the knowledge, subcontract (with your agreement!) or just not tender the job in the first place!

Thirdly, we have knowledge across a range of subjects and solutions from basic websites to fully fledged ecommerce site, from video production and publishing to 360 degree panoramic scenes and tours. We can find a solution to fit your problem and work with you to ensure a cost effective way of achieving the results you deserve!

There are, of course, lots of sites giving a whole host of information from the latest stats to the latest and best way to get yourself online effectively …we are certainly not the only ones but we believe we are the only one’s who WON’T rip you off!

We just felt that with some direct knowledge of the problem and some ‘real world’ experience of products that can and do help to get your business noticed locally, we have something to offer.

So here it is …please give us your feedback or tales of your experiences that we can share with our readers.